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  4. Changing current location and aircraft in free flight screen

She was originally scheduled to shift her home port to Everett, Washington, in the summer of — returning to Bremerton two years later for maintenance before moving back to Everett in Fiscal By: Geoff Ziezulewicz and Mark D. For more newsletters click here. Fear of missing out? Thanks for signing up.

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  • Navy swapping home ports for three aircraft carriers?

When exactly all these moves will occur remains unclear. But public records suggest the moves may commence next year. Coast Guard continues high seas drug busts Continuing its run of nabbing narco-subs and other drug-bearing vessels in U. For anyone interested, that's how I've been doing it. First though, get the rcbco Originally posted by mikeytwc :.


Tsarcasm View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Slickrock :. Originally posted by 3 Wire :. Erazer View Profile View Posts. My version of AICarriers2 only works with. NET 4 which superceded the Java version. Originally posted by Pegasus :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 1 Jan, am.

"BRACE!" Landing on a CARRIER in Flight Simulator X (Multiplayer)

Posts: Also maybe de-stabilize the Tower view camera so that it follows the movements pitch and roll of the acf carrier while staying mostly pointed at the aircraft. That might be difficult when the acf is in the air. Some other points worthy of attention: Selectable launch speed, a guidance system to help align the acf with the catapult, the pitching and rolling rate of the ship, choice of 3.

This issue comes up every so often, I don't think Austin see's it as "cool enough" to bother doing any serious upgrades. NARW were added. I've talked to Austin about remodeling the ships and have actually started doing something about it. Unfortunately it's quite a slow process, because it's really hard to find freeware scale drawings of high quality.

I decided to build a destroyer instead of a frigate, because I managed to find relatively good material for it. Hey I've been praying for better ships too and would be interested in helping. I made a Russian Kilo Class submarine that was pretty realistic using clunky old plane maker. I could do much better in 3rd party software. Here's my spin on the ships question. I would like to see an architecture where there would be a couple of folders in the X-Plane directory wherein user designed AI watercraft could be installed.

I would make one folder for coastal vessels like ferries, sailboats, and fishing boats. I would make another folder for ocean going vessels like tankers, freighters, submarines, and other military vessels. I would make it possible to define hard quads on the ships for landing areas for helicopters, etc. All these ships could function as AI vehicles like the planes do. This could easily be done with a Ship Maker program that would be a no brainer for Austin to code. I would agree that we need more variety and quality in the aircraft carriers available. I think that the carrier operations function in X-Plane is my favorite and I use it constantly.

I don't want to waste processing power on animated cables. I would like a ski jump very much!

How do I relocate a carrier in fs9?

One final note, I think Austin should ditch the spray animation. It only overwhelms the video card and looks nothing like spray anyway.

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I hate it when I try to hover over water and coastal areas and suddenly my frame rate drops to zero in a cloud of white smoke! In the hopes that maybe this thread gets some more attention I agree with everyone here. The ships in X-Plane have remained unchanged and, aside from the carrier, unpainted since I started with version 5.

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Since the carrier is a part of aviation, and since it is advertised as one of the unique features of X-Plane, I think we are due for a nice update. And with the implementaion of smooth objects, I bet some very realistic ships could be realized!! Oh, and Scooter, that DDG model looks excellent!

If that's a taste of what we're in store for, then I'd say keep on with it!!! Will Austin add your models to X-Plane, or will you have to release them yourself? I've asked Austin if he'd be interested in getting upgraded ship models to X-Plane.

Changing current location and aircraft in free flight screen

He said to me: "OK build them, if I like them, I'll use them. I have already spent countless hours digging up every possible source in the web to get better quality photos and drawings for both the carrier and other vessels. Since the drawings are generally pretty mediocre quality and incorrect, I have to spend even more time checking the too few reference photos I've found for correct detailing.

And I have just started the modeling, since was the first version to allow smooth objects. So, the whole project is going to take a lot of time I aim to do a couple of versions with different levels of detailing. The idea is to allow those that use older computers to enjoy better ships too without making their X-Plane crawl - maybe to put a slider in X-Plane rendering settings to choose the quality of the ship model or something.

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  6. But that's up to Austin if we ever get that far and I don't get bored with the project. Hey your DDG model is awesome! Way to go, that would be a very cool addition to the sim! Yeah, I also think it would be very cool to have an update in the aircraft carrier department.

    I'll look forward to hearing what Austin has to say about this subject, especially if he sees your new DDG model! Janes Warship Recognition guide has some good side views of various warships. I think I already have those drawings, but thanks anyway!