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He knows more about these cars than most people on the planet. For a interesting story about what stripe your GTS might have come with He purchased the GTS in and it was already restored at that time!! This is also a stripe delete V88 car that was built on Wednesday, Feb 26, Other options include a 3. It was delivered on March 12, Black buckets, rear defroster, power steering, and a console shifted with the standard 3.

This is also a "stripe delete". The original owner was still driving the GTS into the 's. In , she finally got the urge to buy a new car and sold the GTS with less than 36, miles on the odometer! Deborah purchased in At that time, it had still had three original tires on the ground, and the back brake drums have never been off the car.

Erik plans on restoring the GTS to its original splendor. The original listing follows: Andy M. He traded a couple of snowmobiles for the shell of this GTS which had no drivetrain and two Chevelle bucket seats in it. He has added a casting with a transmission. Options included AM radio, tinted windshield, drip rail and rocker mouldings.

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The has a 4 speed behind it. Other options include: AM radio, 3 speed wipers, fender top signals, console tachometer, power brakes, and tinted windshield. The car has been stored since the original owner passed away in Terry found and bought the 4 speed in Terry has finally succeeded in putting the GTS back on the road. He plans on enjoying the drive for a short while, and then will dive into a full restoration!

Chevy big block casting number lookup

The car is apart and needing a restoration at this time, owned by Bryan. Very few options here. Body and drip rail mouldings and a V88 stripe delete are all that's on the fender tag! Rick's rows the 4 speed behind the to send the high rpm's to the 3. With a build date of March 5, this black interior bucket seat car has headrests, console, manual disc brakes, and is stripe delete. The GTS now is a "M" code tribute car with a and trans with a 3. It originally came from British Columbia in , and had been raced with a Hemi under the hood.

Kurt finally could get the restoration underway in and finished it up in A 4 speed with 4. It retains the original black interior.

The original has been stroked to and is backed with the original and a 3. Painted Y2 yellow with black vinyl top and black interior.

What Should You Do?

Mark has also modernized the cooling system and converted the orignal 35 amp alternator to put out 95 amps. B5 Bright Blue, B3 interior, and black vinyl top. Owned by George F. It is a former drag car that is need need of proper research and restoration.

Will will be getting us an update.

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The car has only 72, original miles on the clock and has spent its life in the northwest. Starting in Vancouver B. This GTS is backed with a A black vinyl top and white interior and white stripe work well with the Q5 Turquoise. Manual steering and manual drums came standard, but a rear defogger was marked off on the option sheet. This one comes from central PA and is now owned by Derek K. Derek purchased this GTS as a "barn fresh" show room model with 32, miles showing on a inspection sticker! The GTS was optioned as following: Light group, drip rail and body sill moldings.

Bucket seat, console and AM radio. This March 13, built is shifted thru a 4 speed to the 3. Now for the oddity To top this off, it also shows a Y09 "Export Order" stamped on the fender tag!!! Figure that one out! It is all original, but in need of a total restoration. This is originally a F8 Dark Green 4 gear car. Chas did change over the hood call-outs to " Four Barrel" just to warn the unsuspecting competition! Here is a photo that Chas sent of him and his GTS "back in the day"!! Great photo!! Obviously a fan of cool color combos, Joe's new addition is a number match GTS painted R1 Red with a white vinyl top, white interior, and a white bumble bee.

Even thought this is an original V88 "stripe delete" car, we can't argue with how good that white stripe sets off the roof and interior against the red body! The V2 Hemi Orange is contrasted with a black soft top, black bucket seat console interior and black bumble bee. First registered in by Stan. During the process, sadly, Gus passed away.

New Owner Tom from TN bought the shell in With only 47K original miles showing, the GTS is back on the road. Hensley Racing built the numbers matching The is backed by a and 3. It does have a black vinyl top. Tom's GTS also has the rare N85 console tachometer. Restored in , it got a black tail stripe as a gift at that time. This car also has rare N85 tach, a nice touch with the , auto, and 3. Very original along with a "numbers matching" and TF!! Chad M. This one is kind-of rare as it is painted F6 Bright Green Metallic which was a mid-year optional addition to the Dodge color charts.

This same color was offered as Rallye Green on Chevrolets as well!! Paul's was built on Friday March 21, This is a V88 Stripe Delete car. This GTS is powered with a 4 speed gearbox.

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He has owned a Formula S 'Cuda that he bought from his brother-in-law 35 years ago. To park next to the 'Cuda, Mark has picked up a GTS that he has known about for his entire life. Mark will be restoring the 4 speed GTS to its former glory sporing a B3 Light Blue paint job with a B3 interior and white bumble bee stripe.

A , automatic with 3. Having been painted by a "Brand X" guy, Jim thought the paint to be a few shades to dark and has stripped the car to shell for total restoration to "as-new" condition. Jim has completed the restoration of his convertibel and was invited to the Chryslers at Carlisle pavillion for ! It has no engine or transmission.

Painted F3 Light Green with a green bucket seat interior. The has a column shifted and a bench seat interior which will indeed make this even more rare and the total production number of !! The convertible is painted T5 Copper with a white interior and Steve is the third owner. Black bumble bee stripe that's a story in itself!! Jim's car came from the factory with the correct GTS stripe on the drivers side but had a Swinger stripe on the passanger side!!!! Deluxe hub caps, sill moldings, and fender top signals round out the exterior.

The black buckets, AM radio and console round out the interior. This time it's a F8 4 speed Convertible with a white bench seat interior. Build date is The replacement and 4 speed came about back in when the original , 4 speed, and hood were stolen. Kevin would like any info in regards to finding the original engine and trans. This GTS has buckets seats, but the is shifted via a column shifter instead of the console shifter. The and trans are original number matching to the car and have only 60, original miles on the odometer. Black bumble bee and a vibrant red interior round out the visual cues!

Equipped with the and 3.

Outstanding cherry wood custom wood work

The second owner purchased the GTS with only original miles, and it now carries only 11, miles and hasn't seen the light of day since This was a drag strip only car. Now sporting a narrowed rear end, 6 point cage and wheel tubs. It has the original interior , which Randall will replace with repop pieces. Randall intends on keeping the GTS as a "pro street Day 2" type project. Plans for a "built" stroker hidden under the stock appearing paint, valve covers, and air cleaner.

Randall also intends on reproducing the funky white highlights around the wheelwells to keep that 's flavor! Built on Thursday, April 3, this F5 Medium Green GTs came with a white soft top, white bucket seat interior and a white bumble bee stripe. They apparently used the GTS to tow a race car to the local drag strip.