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Keathley decision.

The main issue was the age of the defendant and the alleged victim of the crime. Once off the list, the man immediately left the state of Missouri just in case the law changed again — which it did. Louis County Police Department. The statute under which he had been convicted was found to be unconstitutional after the completion of his sentence. Dan Juengel argued the case on the client's behalf. Louis County man had pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct first degree against a year-old woman.

He received a suspended imposition of sentence and was on supervised probation, but was monitored on the Sex Offender Caseload. His probation officer told him that he must register or face revocation. He complied with her order for over one year. After this time, Matthew Radefeld reviewed his case and filed a motion to get him removed from the Sex Offender Registry. After arguments were heard, Matthew was successful in convincing the court that under the SORA statutes he should not be required to register.

The man was taken off the list immediately. We invite you to make an appointment with us to discuss your legal needs. You can reach us online or by calling us at We provide representation in Missouri, Illinois and federal courts across the nation. Lawyers from around the country refer clients to us, knowing we will deliver the superior level of representation to their clients they would expect from themselves. Please enter a valid email address. Is public safety an operation of first chance meetings if it is computer related of a come on over to my house right off the batt.

Even classification of most of this is a crock.

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Guess Stewart was right, Every picture will tell a story… thank you Rod. Would one say that even public safety on a computer for the girl to ask you to come on over to my house and lets play jacks in the middle of the night or whatever would sound out of line.

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Listening is the key in every situation and being on guard. I believe a person said once If I recall, its time to tango, and for the registry its time to tango as action speaks louder than words with true principal. Sure the kids want mom and dad back but even in a game of strip poker one can hold out.

Missouri Sex Offender Registry Laws

I would hate to be a judge to even judge a sex offender that one labels as a some lepar today or outcast, but when kids speak up about this ordel than this opens up a whole different ballgame for everyone. At the moment, this seems to be limited to Missouri state residents. I wonder what it would take to propel this suit to include the whole nation. Every one that has ever been effected by federally mandated system of law should be allowed to join this complaint and receive some affirmative action.

There are so many innocent people who have been affected by the overreaching and encroaching methods of the SO registry. In my opinion there are certain people who are even owed damages from the actions of the US government as a whole. Lastly, I always say the way to attack anyone in our society is to go after their money.

I hope that if they win, these plaintiffs financially cripple the Missouri state sex offender registry and enforcement. These kids are standing up and yes the stigmatic view on the sex offender and registry is out of focus in many respects. Ihave rewritten my letter and posting it today to the President as American government is getting a bit out of hand. While one gets a letter about yearly polygraph mainteinace. I really hope these kids and this complain is a positive result in bringing some good news to this sex registry confusion to put an end to allof this.

Missouri – ACSOL

While we all have problems government seems to want to exault themself above others. Sure lawyers have a tough time in many of these challenges. I said from the very beginning the Federal Government used fraudulent statistical data in the U. Supreme Court to argue the case of high recividi sm rates among sex offenders to bring the registration into effect. Bogus B. This is a novel approach that never occurred to me till I read it.

Why Missouri can't find 1,259 of its registered sex offenders

The impact of the registry and the damage it creates no single person can anticipate them all. I write this as someone who has had to help a family member who was falsely accused and has seen the tangled mess of what the system has created.

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Former district attorney Mike Ramos figured a way to keep sticking it to alleged offenders and that is to side with alleged victims. Judges were fighting last year before the primaries and closing cases before a defendent could be forced to complete their terms of probation. Part of such terms would include being forced to register, take classes where you have to admit to the allegations, and…restitution. The registration would be forced as early on as possible, within 6 days of being released from jail. They would make you take fliers at the probation office for all the facilities where you could take classes.

A misdemeanor charge can alleviate the requirement for DNA and polygragh testing. But now we have an even bigger problem: they figured out how to KEEP the system going term after term, siding with whoever is in power. California has democratic majority right now…so Ramos Republican is trying to benefit from his connections. He already got ab to pass the assembly, now it just has to pass the Senate and the governor. The whole system is designed for long term continued punishment, nothing less. Lawyers from around the country refer clients to us, knowing we will deliver the superior level of representation to their clients they would expect from themselves.

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Sex Offender Registry

Local: Defenders Of The Accused. Are You Required To Register? We represent clients in a wide range of offenses that can cause you to be registered, including: Child pornography charges Rape, statutory rape and date rape Sexual assault Sexual exploitation of a minor Taking Action We provide free phone consultations to each client to fully understand the details of his or her circumstances. Recognized Amongst Our Peers.