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In fact, NCTE encourages you and your provider to only state in the letter that you have had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition.

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Details about surgery, hormone treatment, or other treatments are unnecessary and not helpful. You can change the name on your Social Security card and record by applying through the mail or in person at a local Social Security office. This can be done separately from, or together with, applying for a gender change.

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You will need to submit an Application for a Social Security Card, proof of your identity and citizenship or immigration status, as well as acceptable proof of the name change. In general, SSA will accept any of the following as proof of a name change:. The new card will be sent to you in the mail, as will any original documents submitted with your application.

SOS - Social Security Requirements

Note: Marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership certificates showing a name change can be used so long as they are recognized by the issuing state. Locally-issued domestic partnership certificates not recognized by a state cannot be used for this purpose. Social Security recognizes as valid any marriage that was recognized under state law as being a valid marriage when it was entered into.

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Social Security looks to state law and government-issued documents such as birth certificates and court orders to determine marital status — it is not based on the gender marker in your Social Security record. Social Security employees are instructed to treat transgender customers with respect, including using appropriate pronouns, and to not ask unrelated personal questions.

Social Security Requirements

If you believe you have been subject to discriminatory treatment by an SSA office or staff, you may file a formal complaint of discrimination with SSA. SSA accepts complaints of discrimination in services and programs based on race, color, national origin including English language ability , religion, sex including gender identity , sexual orientation, age, disability, or in retaliation for filing a complaint.

The purpose of this process is not to provide compensation but to resolve unfair actions and prevent future incidents. Skip to main content.

Identity Theft: What to Do if Someone Has Already Filed Taxes Using Your Social Security Number

Social Security benefits do not depend on your gender. Social Security will accept any of the following forms of evidence for a gender marker change: A full-validity year U. This process adds to the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of DMV's driver license database.

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Visual verification of your social security number is required only on original commercial driver license CDL applications and for any request to correct an SSN that is already on the driver record database, regardless of your DL class. The only documents acceptable for visual verification of your SSN are originals of the following:. If you are legally present in the U. You may start an application for a noncommercial driver license or ID card, and once your eligibility status is verified, DMV will complete your application.

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You will need to provide DMV with evidence of your name change. Visit the DMV website at www. Your SSN is confidential and will not appear on the photo license or be encoded on the magnetic stripe. If you are age 12 or older requesting an original SSN, you must appear for an interview at a social security office.